To celebrate the 35th birthday of our diving center, as well as, the 20 years of management of Stefan Maier, we decided to launch an Underwater Photo Contest with digital photos of our diving spot here in the Atlantic!
The categories where you can apply are:  

1. Macro (all living beings)
2. Fish
3. Diver with or without fish
4. Small living beings (no fish)
5. Underwater landscape (with no diver)

(Click on the categories to upload your pictures.)

The overall winner will receive one week free accommodation with breakfast in Hotel Galomar, including 10 dives with free tank and lead! The winners of each category will receive prices from SSI/Mares.
In case the overall winner wins in one or more categories, the SSI/Mare price will automatically pass on to the second place winner.
We will only accepts digital photos taken at the Manta Diving Center Madeira.

You can only submit one picture per category, as a JPEG and in printable size of 2-5MB. Manipulated photos will not be accepted (e.g. picture of two manta rays when there was only one), as well as fake ones (e.g. somewhere in the Atlantic, but not at Manta Diving Center). However, normal image processing is accepted and has no restrictions.

The candidate photos must be uploaded onto our homepage, where they can be viewed and voted by the general public. The public opinion will be taken into consideration by the contest jury at the final assessment.

Starting date: 1st of January 2017
Deadline: 31st of October 2017.

The winners will be contacted per email and their certificates and prices handed out at our stand at the "BOOT 2018" trade fair in Düsseldorf.

The jury consists of Stefan Maier, Sittika, Thomas Heckmann (professional photographer) and Herbert Frei (journalist).
All submitted photos can be used free of charge by Manta Diving for online and offline PR campaigns. Legal process are excluded.
We area looking forward to your best pictures!